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    Driver for intel hd graphics 3000?


      As I was looking through apple laptops I was actually wanting to buy an alienware with NVIDIA GRAPHIC CARDS, but prefered Apple products. I went into an Apple store and this freaking trainee was telling me about MBP 13" 2011(intel hd graphics 3000, [384 MB ? HA]) and as I asked whether it could play black ops smoothly he fKiNg said YES! WTH. I was freaking happy, bought it, went home, started black ops MP, guess what? Freaking 10-13FPS. So i lowered the resolution to 800x600, guess what? 23 fps on nuketown, 20 fps on cracked. Wtf intel, thanks for suing other companies and not allowing them to insert their graphic card into this years MBP, but instead your shtty (HD GRAPHICS,WtF?). I actually thought you guys were experienced, intel. And if you think you are, Freaking come out with NEW drivers and fix this. Last years MBP 13"(Nvidia 320m) could play black ops MP at 28-32 FPS(my friend has it and not allowing me to trade my 2011 MBP for his 2010 MBP). Im serious intel. Repeating this, and not fixing it, will make people hate you guys. So, you get the point.

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          Man intel sucks bad

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            This was Apple's choice to use this particular integrated graphics solution in their low-end MacBook Pros, not Intel's.  Their higher-end models use Radeon discrete graphics.


            If you want better graphics more suitable for gaming, pony up the cash.


            Integrated graphics are not designed for serious gaming - you should have done your research before buying

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              Ok last years graphics card , the 320M, was 256mb graphics card. This years was a 384 MB graphic card. Makes sense?

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                The cause of this problem was user error.

                Smart consumers should do the research to find the information about the product they want to buy.

                Integrated graphics just like HD 3000 didn't design to support high damanded gaming.


                PS. the graphic memory didn't directly indicate how much performance of 3D subsystem.

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                  Whatever it is they should update the drivers as it is 384 MB and last years was 256mb

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                    Untrue Intel advertises their intel HD as the video card for future gamming and once you have an Intel HD you will never need or have to upgrade... well on my computer I'm stuck with a high performance computer that is only good for searching **** now, and if it cant do that its a 800.00 door stop. Cause since its not upgradable, its useless...  an i5 2.6ghz and 6gb ram... and a POS Intel HD with technoligy from the 90's my Ps3 has more video balls then this computer, if it had Nvidia or Ati inside it would kick *** for games... but I believed the hype that Intels HD was the next generation best onboard video... In reality is need help, lots of help cause its hardware sux and so do the drivers... and to top it off its not supported by the newer games...


                    What should happen Intel should offer a full refund to customers and ask themselves if they want to keep scr*wing their customers by this inferior video card and if they were smart they would use nvidia or Ati, and give up this 90's build of a video card... the hardware sux and so do the drivers, as we sit here waiting for these pin heads to wake up and get it that they are losing customers that used to believe in them, that now feel raped and robbed, by this false advertising...


                    Do what they do best CPU... and get out of the on-board video buisness... your screwing your customers... seriously...

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                      Directly from Intel's Site:


                      "Intel® HD Graphics 3000 delivers immersive and casual mainstream gaming capabilities with entry-level discrete graphics card performance without an additional graphics card or chip."


                      Even a $500 budget gaming PC build on tomshardware.com used a discrete graphics card.  Intel is not trying to sell you a bill of goods here.  Buying a $70 discrete card like a Radeon HD 5670 will give you better gaming (but not transcoding) performance.


                      Maybe the manufacturer of your PC ripped you off.  An $800 PC with integrated graphics seems way too expensive.  Dell, HP, etc all offer $600 boxes with a Core i5 and discrete graphics...

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                        Casual mainstreaming gaming, I guess that means supported games like checkers and chess, cause thats all its really good for.


                        Discrete graffics cards are not entry level they are made for very high end gaming laptops... you may want to check you data...


                        Lets see my motherboard is made by Intel, and so is the processor... and them not making a laptop to be able to receive a discrete card, so I blame them for making a crappy video card, and sticking it into a 2.6ghz and 6gb ram laptop and calling it the next generation laptop of a gaming computer. Which game manufacturers do NOT support... which is a further insult to the customer.


                        Post the stats of this 500.00 buget computer, all I see is it has a discrete card...


                        And you may want to go back and check your data with Dell look up a computer with i5, 2.6 ghz, 6gb ram and Intel HD only... see what you will find. I'll make it easier for you here is the processor 480m... it does not offer a discrete card, now look up the price, the brand is Dell, model number N5010


                        And while you are looking things up try reading what boasting intel says about this POS Intel HD, from what you typed and what they said are two different things. Intel does not say anything about entry level graphics...

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                          I can play many 3D game title on HD Graphic 3000 with no problem just like Street Fighter IV, Resident Evil 4, Prey, etc. Ok smart guy, if you insist in your opinion. Let's go sueing Intel for not teaching dumb consumers before they buy PC. Hope you will win this case.

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                            They make excelent Cpu's but thier video bites... let them bury themselves by screwing new consumers/customers... in this economy they should know better... They are trying to beat AMD but they went the wrong way.... lets wait this one out... and see how long it takes before all Intel people change their mind and start going to AMD and lose the taste for intel cause of this... You should know by now that sueing a major company does nothing... and chances of winning is nill...