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    Intel Matrix Storage - degraded Raid10 - one HDD kicked out



      We have a RAID10 volume on an Intel Matrix Storage controller. One  of the four 250GB drives has fallen out of the volume due to a faulty  Sata cable.
      We replaced the cable, tested the drive and found that it's OK, I just cannot put the drive back to the RAID array.

      In the BIOS it says "Failed member disk" and after OS boot the drive  shows up under "non-raid disks" and the raid array shows degraded  status with one missing drive.
      However there supposed to be an option to put the drive back in the  raid array, but that option doesn't show up for me (see attached  screensot), only a "reset to non raid" option can be used.
      Is it safe to use that option? Will I be able to put the drive back to the raid array after resetting it to non-raid?

      Thanks in advance for your help!