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    Intel i3-2100 Processor Issue


      Hi, Everyone in Discussion


      First i Bought

      Asus P8H67-m LE Mobo

      Intel Processor i3-2100

      CORSAIR  DDR3 4GB-1333BUS XMS3

      500 Gb WD HDD

      Graphic Card XFX 8600GTS


      Now I bought New

      Intel Motherboard DZ68DB New

      Intel Processor i3-2100 Same

      CORSAIR  DDR3 4GB-1333BUS XMS3 Same

      500 Gb WD HDD Same

      Graphic Card ATI Redion HD 3780 New


      issue is when windows 7 Ultimate starts from logon screen In lyers to Desktop  or

      When shutdown screen turn to black in lyers not smoothly Every thing work fine 3D games or all things work fine but

      windows starts or shutdown  in layers its irritating me coz i spend to much mony to build system Please Help me to solve this Issue