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    S5520HC - HDD Led Activity header ?




      I don't know if anyone in here will be able to answer... I have bought a S5520HC serverboard, and I will have to connect an Adaptec 3405 RAID controller.


      The S5520HC board has an input-header/connector for add-in card HDD activity LED - designation MM according to the technical product specification page 6/7.


      My problem is that I don't have a cable, that will fit between my controller and the mainboard, so I will have to make it myself (not the real issue, I'm an electronics engineer).... But there is no description of the pinout of the connector - whar is + and - (anode and cathode)... And since no further information is available (whether the signal is transmitted via an optocoupler), I don't know if I risk damaging something, if the polarity is swicthed...


      Can anyone help me ?




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          Wow. Your right . TPS really dropped the ball on that one



          Pin 1 (closest to rear of board) is the input for the HDD Activity LED.with a 4.7k pull-up to 3.3v.

          Pin 2 is "No connect".




          Adaptec 3405 http://download.adaptec.com/pdfs/user_guides/adaptec_raid_controller_iug_8_2010.pdf   pg 136

          Pin Number               Signal                                   Description

          2                     AGGREGATE4_7_L                      Aggregate Cathode - Connector J5 Ports 0-3

          1                    +3.3V                                             Aggregate Anode





          Pin 1 on the MB to Pin 2 on the raid card pulls the LED_SCSI_N low to activite the LED.