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    DH67CF B3 - Dual Monitor Setup not working


      Hi, the Intel DH67CF B3 has one DVI-D and one HDMI socket for connecting up to two monitors.

      I just cannot get the monitor to work as extended desktop via HDMI.



      The second diplay is identical to the first display, an LG IPS236V (1900 x 1080).

      But it still does not produces anything else than a black screen.


      • Opersating System is Windows 7 (x64)
      • BIOS of the mainboard has been updated from .. ►



      to .. ►


      • All drivers have been installed


      Does anyone know what else I could try?


      Thank you

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          I had a short chat with an Intel technician:






          It could be so much easier if the DH67CF had two DVI sockets like the Intel DQ67EP ..►



          The Gigabyte GA-H67N has one VGA and two HDMI sockets .. ►






          Does anyone know, whether I should try a DVI to HDMI or a DVI to DisplayPort adapter / cable ?

          And by the way, is there anyone out there who uses that board with Dual Monitor Configuration?



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            Hi, my dual monitor configuration is working now.

            I really don't have a clue why it didn't work in the first place.

            Here is what I did:


            Someone suggested to check whether a single monitor would work by just plugging in HDMI and nothing else.

            I  tried and it worked. Picture was a bit cold but sharp & crisp.  After that I connected the second monitor to the mainboard via DVI.

            Oh my god, suddenly I had two monitors working at the same time, one showing the desktop and the other one as extended desktop.


            Apparently I needed to connect HDMI first and DVI afterwards instead ov the other way around?

            Not sure, but I'm just glad it's working now.

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              I can now confirm that two moniors connected to the DH67CF B3 mainboard do work as extended desktop.

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                I can confirm it does work as well.  Although there are issues if you use a Dell U3011 display.  First of all Intel doesn't support dual-link DVI, so you can't get 2560 x 1600 to work without going DisplayPort. And if you do use DP, Media Center will not work properly with content that requires protected path as Win7 doesn't consider DP DHCP compliant at this point.  Using the DVI port the highest resolution I could get was 1440 x 900 -- could not get 1920 x 1200 or 1920 x 1080 (both of which the monitor supports).  I didn't try HDMI (no cable handy)...  Or maybe I could have forced the issue with a custom resolution.


                That said, I tried a couple of configurations with the monitors I have on hand.


                Dell U3011 on DVI port + Dell 2001FP (1600 x 1200) on HDMI (HDMI to DVI cable) worked, except for the note above.

                Dell U2410 on DVI port + Dell 2001FP (1600 x 1200) on HDMI (HDMI to DVI cable) worked as expected.


                Strange stuff about the U3011 and DVI.  I suspect it would work a little better with an HDMI cable.  I think it just gets bogged down with the monitor's dual-link DVI capability and prefered resolution of 2560 x 1600.


                Glad you got your system working though...