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    2.T Drives not recognized


      My board is Intel Corporation D975XBX2.  1.5T drives work, but why not 2.0?  Is there a BIOS upgrade I can do?  (The 2.0 drive is Western Digital SATA/64MB cache)

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          This is the latest BIOS version for your board so if this isn't yet installed, yes there's an updated version available! Precisely what is it about this drive that doesn't 'work' - not recognised where? If the BIOS still sees it but not the OS you should be aware that operating system limitations may come into this depending what OS you're using (including whether x64 or x86 flavour and whether you have the latest Service packs installed or even slipstreamed into the installation CDROM etc) as you've not told us what that is you'll need to check.


          If you're using an Intel SATA port for this drive, it'd be worth trying one of the Marvell ports instead (or vice versa) to see if that makes a difference, also try adjusting (adding or lengthening) any hard disk pre-delay time that MAY be in your BIOS setting. Some newer HDDs take a while to spin up and giving the BIOS more time before it tries to see what drives it has connected, may help.