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    i7 920 2.66GHZ Running to hot?


      So I just recently RMA'd my mother board and CPU.  With the new i7 core that I have, it seems to be running hotter than normal.


      I was having temps going to 70-75 C with only 35-40% load.


      I removed the stock thermal paste and used Arctic Silver 5.  This was after cleaning both the heat sink and CPU in the approprate manner (I've done this plenty of times, so it was done correctly).


      Now I'm getting the following...


      CPU Idle in BIOS is 42-43 C.


      CPU Idle with windows 7 64bit running is 48-50 C.


      With 34-39% Load on Core 1 I'm shooting up to 62-64 C.  Peaking around 67-70 C.


      All 4 cores have had a Max temp 64-66 C, with just running one not so demanding game.


      I'm concerned something is not working properly.  I've been speaking to the community for my motherboard and I'm being told it should be much lower.  My chipset drivers are up to date, as is my BIOS.  I have a front and rear fan at max speed.  I have two fans on the top of the case that are spinning at max as well.  I did not have this issue with my previous CPU.


      What am I missing?


      Thanks for any help / suggestions!

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          It would help someone willing to help you if you provide information if there are any software or not that you use in obtaining those temperature values.

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            So much more info needed, what CPU cooler are you using?  What type of fan control software are you using?  Any OC of CPU?  CPU power saving options enabled in BIOS?  Have you manually set CPU voltage? What mother board do you have?

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              Boyet -


              The 48-50c is just with windows 7 pro 64bit running off of a fresh install.  I have no background applications running.  I have not installed any anti-virus software or the likes as of yet.


              As soon as I load up World of Warcraft, the temps shoot up to 60-70 C (Core Temp is showing these temps with 28-35% load on the CPU, which seem rather high).  With the stock thermal paste I was seeing 72-75 C, so the Arctic Silver 5 has helped quite a bit.  It's still concerning to see such high temperatures, as I've been told I should be idling 35-38 C in Windows.


              If there is information I can provide to help narrow down the issue I'd be more than happy to.



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                When playing a game you always expect the temp to shoot up. I do get those values while playing DIRT3. At idle my temp range is from 34 - 50 C.  I'm just using the included thermal pad of the cpu. I use OpenHardwareMonitor-an open source program to obtain those values. If you go to your bios you should be able to get the value of the processor temp also.


                Check your casing ventilation. Perhaps you can still lower your idle temp a little.


                To answer your question: It could be the normal idle temp of your system. (48-50C). 60-70 C while playing a game is normal. You still have other options to improve the cooling sytem of your unit.