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    Core temperature of Core 2 Duo E4500




      I am using the aforementioned processor for 3+ years now (will be 4 in April 2011) and I was baffled to see that the processor was operating at 56 degrees (idle).


      It's not a power hungry beast like its older siblings and ofcourse the Quad Cores. I am on Ubuntu 11.10 (and sometimes on Fedora 15) and I'm using lm-sensors for monitoring the temperature.


      Last week I noticed the core temperature reached a staggering 97 degrees while playing a HD 1080p video on youtube. I don't have a discrete graphics card though and I'm using a DG41RQ motherboard. Replacing the thermal compound with Cooler Master MK-002 didn't solve the problem.


      I have attached a couple of pics of the thermal reading.


      Can someone kindly tell me what's causing the processor to operate at such high temperatures and how can I control it.








      Screenshot at 2011-10-23 15:43:29.png


      Screenshot at 2011-10-23 15:43:44.png

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          Probably the 3+ year old CPU cooler fan is dying, can you check it's speed?  Is the CPU cooler heatsink clean of dust, etc?  Can't see your pictures for some reason.  Is your CPU voltage (Vcore) what it should be?


          Try resetting/clearing your BIOS and use default settings.  Check that CPU cooler, if as old as the CPU, the fans don't last forever.

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            Keep in mind that you do not need to worry about the cores temperature, you only need to pay attention to the CPU temperature itself.

            I would suggest checking the reported CPU temperature on the BIOS of the motherboard, or check with the motherboard manufacturer to see if they have a monitoring software that can monitor the CPU temperature instead of the cores temperature.