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    DP67BG Video issues


      I still suspect my SC2 video problems (fps drops, black screens, driver restarts) are a problem with this mainboard.

      It's hard to nail down because Blizzard put out a patch that seems to be causing many problems.

      Anybody else having graphic card problems?

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          But the DP67BG doesn't have onboard graphics so how can you say it's a mainboard problem? Surely the place to start is with whatever graphics card you're using (and that will vary among people with that motherboard). If you've tried the latest drivers for your card, you may want to have a nosey around on forums dedicated to your card manufacturer or even your game Starcraft II.

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            I say that because the GTX260 worked fine in my DG45ID. I doubt it just died but it is a possibility.

            Mostly I jump to the board due to all the bios issues it is having and if you look around, some people have reported video issues depending on the bios version.

            Up until I owned the DG45ID, I NEVER had a single problem with an Intel board and now this one is having these issues.


            I also set up another DP67BG for another person and it has brand new Radeon 6950's and he is having the same video driver restarts.

            This is a known issue or it should be.

            I am already working with Blizzard since I can run UT3 or Crysis for hours at max settings and have yet to have a problem.

            Still...those driver restarts are strange...but only SC2 brings them out so far.


            On a more positive note: This system is screaming fast when everything is working.

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              I have been running Starcraft2 for the last 4 hrs to try and recreate the video driver restarts.

              I turned down the graphic settings to low and am testing them with higher settings.

              So far all is ok, atm.

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                I still doubt that this is a motherboard issue (unless its a rogue board with a manufacturing fault or damaged in some way). You mentioned other games are working fine and it appears you have now got this one to also work fine so I suspect it's just that this particular game is very picky and demanding with video hardware. If the exact same graphics card was working OK in your DG45ID with the exact same game using the same drivers and the same game settings then I could understand you thinking it's motherboard related but was it actually the the case that there were no differences at all apart from the motherboard, CPU and RAM?


                I'm glad you're dealing with the game publishers and I think they're the best people to get to the bottom of things (perhaps with the help of any game specific forums).

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                  Apparently stressing out a video card can cause a TDR in Windows and I think this is what was happening. Windows attempts to reset the video card instead of just blue screening right away. Nice feature and I never even heard about it until now.

                  I turned down the settings in SC2 and so far....no more problems.

                  It was just strange that I and others were having this problem with video driver restarts.

                  My change of hardware and the Blizzard patch complicated on what the cause was for me.

                  Will keep monitoring but system is running sweet now. No regrets.