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    Help: Smart Response will not initialize on the system (c:) drive


      I upgraded my main drive to a VelociRaptor 450Gb drive from a caviar Black 1Tb yesterday.  I am running a Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3-iSSD motherboard with an onboard 20Gb SSD drive using Windows 7.


      I am able to inititalize acceleration on the other drives on the system, but when I try to start it on the raptor it does not seem to work.  The program shows a raid 0 array of 20Gb in size in the list but does not indicate that the system drive is accelerated.  Under the acceleration tab the choice to select which drive to accerate is still available.  When I select the drive it just goes back to the same state.  If I select one of the other drive, it seems to work.


      Any ideas?  Should I do a clean install onto the drive?  I used a system image from the previous disk for the upgrade of the system disk...


      I believe I am using the latest mainboard bios and Intel RST drivers.


      Any help would be appreciated.