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    IRST Event Logs


      Hi Everyone


      This is my first post.


      I recently changed my RAID driver from Matrix Storage Console to Rapid Storage Technology (10.6). After a system crash yesterday IRST started a verification and repair. I left the machine running overnight and I wanted to view the event log this morning. I have looked everywhere (I can think of) and cannot find how to retrieve this info.


      It was easy with the Matrix Console as the verification and repair dialogue remained open afterwards. Whats more.... in the help file there is no listing for history events etc.. I find this very frustrating as the layout of the IRST looks competent but is of no use if you cant check anything!


      Also there is a 'Run hardware scan' switch in the Storage System View but in the user help manual there is no explanation or mention of it or what it does?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!


      Win7 x64 Pro

      X48 Chipset

      RAID10 1TB



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          Hi there!


          The latest Intel Rapid Storage software 10.6 does not offer a way to check event logs; this has been removed with current version.

          On the other hand, I would like to check 'Run hardware scan' option, if possible send screen shot of this because I did not get that option when I opened few computers with same storage software 10.6




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            Hi Allan


            Apologies for the delay in responding, I have been away a few days.


            Anyway thank you for replying, although dissapointing that you no longer get a detailed report. I can't believe though that there isn't a log saved on the system anywhere that I can open in notepad etc?


            Regarding the 'Hardware Scan' I have attached a screen shot and highlighted. The capture doesn't show the tooltip but on mouseover it states "Run hardware scan now" ??


            I meant to add that I thought it might simply be a shortcut to verification and repair but I'm not in the habit of just clicking stuff just to find out!