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    Help: Lenovo Ideapad Y570 & Turbo Boost


      My laptop (lenovo IdeaPad Y570 (08622KU), comes with an i7-2630QM and when I bought it, the description said that it had Turbo Boost, from 2GHz w/o to 2.9GHz with. My problem is that the Intel Turbo Boost is not working.


      Is there anything that I can do to make it work? As I have looked through my BIOS and have not seen anything pretaining to it, not even CPU clock speed or nothing, which is wierd, and the BIOS is up-to-date as when I tried to flash my bios it said it was older than the one I already had.

      I have downloaded the Intel Turbo Boost Technology monitor 2.0 and I do not see it go above 2.00GHz when I start to play games.


      Is there anyway for me to get turbo boost to work?

      As I have downloaded Throttlestop and enabled Turbo boost through that way, but it is only temporary, is there any solution on how I can get it to work or get it to work through BIOS?

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          Turboboost is suppose to be automatically running when your computer is "on". However the speed is dependent on what processes are running at an instant. For example if you fullscan your computer for a virus the turboboost monitor should display a variation from minimum to maximum speed. It will never stay at a fixed level though. If you need to know how to enable/disable turboboost try asking the manufacturer of your laptop. However, if you can see the speed variation in turboboost monitor then that means that turboboost is working and there is really no need to change something in bios.

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            I have watched the monitor but there is no change while I am running a high-processing game such as Battlefield Bad company 2, though I will try to notify my laptop manufaturer and see if they can tell me how to enable/disable it

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              Go to Control Panel and select "Administrative Tools". When in Administrative Tools select "Services". Locate "Intel Turbo Boost" and look at the Startup type. It should be automatic. If not rightclick it and select properties. Change the startup type to automatic. Reboot your laptop.

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                It does not show anything of the sort in the services, what should I do?

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                  Try to log-in as an administrator to access the tools.

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                    I'm the only user on this computer, and by default it is set as admin. Yet I still don't see that certain service in the services

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                      You should see it in "services". The exact name is "Intel Turbo Boost Technology Monitor 2.0". If you cannot see it, try uninstalling the program then reinstall. Check "services" again.

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                        I already have that installed, I'm just wondering why my processor isnt going over 2.0ghz when running programs like gmaes.

                        I've been watching the turbo boost monitor and it stays at 2.0ghz when its supposedly suppose to go to 2.8ghz w/ turbo boost

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                          What I'm trying to tell you is that you need to have the monitoring software properly installed to monitor  the processor. That is why it should be check first by examining "services" to confirm that it is really working properly.

                          For a direct answer to your problem, just contact and ask Lenovo techsupport or the program maker about it.

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                            Yes the serivce for the monitor is working properly.

                            And I have already contacted lenovo, and they said to contact intel as lenovo didn't have any solution to my problem

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                              In that case I'd suggest that you contact Intel Techsupport about your problem.

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                                I have contacted both Intel through live chat and Lenovo through the phone for support.


                                For intel's live chat, the transcript of the chat is located below at the end of this post


                                Though for Lenovo's solution, they didnt have one.

                                They said wait for a BIOS update that may or may not address this problem.

                                The tech support that I got had no information about the Enhance Intel SpeedStep Technology mentioned below in the live chat.


                                Their current BIOS update on their driver support website is not the newest compared to the one that I have. ( The Setup menu says Insyde H2O, which I am assuming is also the bios)

                                The Tech Support also suggested that enabling Lenovo Fast Boost (Which has nothing ot do with turbo boost) and Intel Virtual Technology would speed up the processor, yet none of those did anything.


                                Is there any solution at all to this problem? The laptop again is a Lenovo Ideapad Y570, which was advertised to have turbo boost


                                The BIOS? is called Insyde H2O (i think) version 2.06 (47CN28WW(V2.06))

                                I have no idea what the motherboard is.




                                Adolfo: Hello. Thank you for using the Intel  Customer Chat Support service. We are glad to be of service. How may I help  you?
                                : Hi, I have a  question about my laptop.
                                : When I bought it, the descriptions said that the processor had intel turbo  boost, which it would make my 2.0ghz processor goto 2.8ghz
                                : But I have not noticed at all any changes  in the processor speed, and I have the intel turbo boost technology monitor 2.0  to see if it actually is boosting the cpu speed, but it only stays at  2.0ghz
                                Adolfo: Please keep in mind  that the turbo boost technology is handled by the operating system, so the  operating system is the one that will determine when to use turbo boot, this  feature is usually required when the operating system determined that a very  heavy application is running, like 3D game or video / photo editing  software.
                                Adolfo: I would suggest  installing the latest BIOS version for your laptop to and also running the  Intel(R) Processor Identification Utility to determine if the processor is being  properly recognized.
                                Adolfo: Also  install the latest updates available for the operating system and any other  running software
                                : Where do  I get the Intel processor identification utility?
                                Adolfo: but other than that, the operating system  will decide when to use the tubo boot and when not to use it.
                                Adolfo: You can download the Intel(R) Processor  Identification Utility at:
                                Adolfo: http://www.intel.com/support/processors/tools/piu/
                                : Ok, though if everything is working as it  should
                                : I have ran 3D  games before and looked at the intel turbo boost technology monitor and it only  runs at 2.00ghz
                                Adolfo: By the way  make sure that the Enhance Intel SpeedStep(R) Technology is disabled, since this  feature will force the processor to run slower in order to save power  consumption
                                Adolfo: so if the  Enhance Intel SpeedStep(R) Technology is enabled, the turbo boost will not  work
                                : how do I check  that?
                                Adolfo: By going into the BIOS  of the laptop and looking for the right option, usually it is called (EIST), but  the name of the option might be changed by the laptop manufacturer so if you  cannot find it, I would suggest contacting the laptop manufacturer so they can  guide you on how to find it.
                                : Ok.
                                : Also for  the Intel Processor Identification Utility, what should I be looking for  exactly?
                                : it says the  reported is 2.0ghz, and expected is 2.0ghz
                                Adolfo: Ok if it reports the right processor and the  right speed 2.0 GHz, it means it is being properly recognized, there should also  be an option that let you see if the EIST is enabled or disabled
                                : Ok, and as you said, if  I do not see EIST on my BIOS i have to contact my laptop  manufactuer?
                                Adolfo: yes
                                : What happens if my  laptop manufacturer happens to not know what that is or cannot help me with  it?
                                Adolfo: In some cases the laptop  manufacturer might not even show this option, but please keep in mind that since  we do not manufacture laptop systems we are not familiar with  them
                                Adolfo: so we cannot control the  option that they enable or disable on the BIOS of their systems
                                Adolfo: If this option is not available, it means  that either is enabled by default from the manufacture, or disabled by default  from the manufacturer
                                Adolfo: but  only they will be able to tell you
                                : Ok, thanks for the information
                                Adolfo: If you are satisfied with our support, please  score items with 5 in the online survey that will be shown once you close this  chat window.  We value your feedback and will use it to make our services  better.


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                                  I called lenovo twice again today

                                  1st time today: the only suggested to download Intel Turbo Boost Technology MONITOR which is suppose to be a "driver" for the turbo boost technology.


                                  Uhm no


                                  2nd time:Lenovo's "Tech Support" if you will so call it, told me that the  specifications says it will run at 2.00ghz and will not go above it so  people cannot 'modify" the speed of the processor. WHAT?

                                  He said that it is on intel's part to whether or not to make the processor go above the specified speed advertised........


                                  Is there or is there no solution at all for this? As Lenovo is worthless in their tech support about their own laptop.

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                                    Xanek, since you have found out what the problem was




                                    it would IMHO be good of you to add some closure to this thread outlining the cause of the problem and the fix.