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    Socket G2 cooling


      I have a JetWay JNC9B-HM67 Socket G2 (rPGA 988B) mother board and an i5 2520M CPU. The heatsink/fan came with the mother board.


      1) Is the heatsink/fan mechanical specification tied to the board or to Socket G2?

      2) Are there any other sockets with the same physical specifications for the heatsink?


      I am not happy with the heatsink/fan that came with it because it is too loud. I find only one other choice http://www.cooljagusa.com/products.asp?tid=83 but it looks to be 30db, which seems too loud. I am hoping there is a different socket that has the same physical specs for the cooler and I can find a bigger selection.

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          Since the cooling solution came with the motherboard, I would suggest contacting the motherboard manufacturer for recommendations.

          Keep in mind that cooling solutions for mobile processors like the i5-2520M are to be provided by the motherboard or system manufacturer, not by the processor manufacturer.

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            Some Socket G1 heatsinks may fit socket G2 mini-ITX boards. I bought CoolJag BUF-A, and it works fine in my Jetway socket G1, and Supemicro socket G2 motherboards. I can't comment on how loud it is, because I never really paid attention. I bought it because Jetway socket G1 board came with pretty crappy heatsink, that din't cover full surface of the die.