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    SR1625UR - Can't create a RAID 10 array




      I am having problems setting up a RAID 10 array on my SR1625UR server.  After first upgrading the system board and RAID controller BIOS, there is no option to create a RAID 10 array. Only Mirror or RAID 1E.


      I wanted to use 8 drives and configure them as follows:


      0 & 1               Mirrored         (15K rpm)

      2,3,4,5             RAID 10        (10K rpm)

      6 & 7               Mirrored         (15K rpm)


      All the documentation states that RAID 10 is standard with the SR1625UR server.  The built in SAS controller is model ALMP2 with BIOS version firmware


      After failing to create the RAID 10 array by using the RAID BIOS menus (just does not have RAID 10 available), I created a Windows 2008 server on the first two drives and loaded the RAID Web Console 2, thinking that I must be able to create a RAID 10 array in the console. No! it also only allows RAID 1E and not RAID 10.


      The problem is that RAID 1E requires an uneven number of drives. Which means I can’t RAID my last two  drives.


      So I am thinking that the RAID BIOS no longer supports RAID 10 for some reason? Can anyone confirm this or explain why this is happening?


      Thanks and regards,