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    D975XBX and Windows 7


      This has been asked a year and a half ago, but the answer was not clear. Now the MB is even older, but I am trying to squeeze a little more life out if it.  Has anyone been able to successfully update ("custom") or clean install win 7 on this MB?  Currently running XP. Simple config - video card and 2 SATA 1GB drives, no RAID. Using audio and LAN from the MB. There appears to be no driver support from Intel. If you have had success, where did the drivers come from?

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          I have had this board for I think something like 5 years, maybe more.  Losing track.  Anyway, I figured it was time to go to Win 7 (64 bit).  I did a clean install, using the boot disk to format the main HD.  I had no problem with updating drivers, but when I had my system built I had the techs use joyful parts, so even the benchmarks are decently compatible with some of the new stuff.


          Some of the fast-developing parts (video, soundcard) have been legacy for a while, and I'm just out of luck, although in a couple of cases the VISTA drivers seem to work.  I have a pair of ATI Radeon X1650 and they are functioning but Crossfire isn't working effectively, most likely because ATI Radeon X1600 series are - you guessed it - no longer supported.  Crossfire is still functional, I just have to pair some newer cards.  I have beside my desk a Saphire HD 6950 which I will install one of these days, I am sure it will pick up some slack.  However, at 2GB onboard video RAM I don't think I'll double it.  By the time I find that need I'll have to have a new system no doubt, and the Saphire will be old news....


          The nice thing about the Win 7 64bit (besides the pretty painless driver updates) is that my 4th Gig of RAM is finally in operation, heh.  Internally I have SATA2 connectors, and the optical drive while not blueray had no problem updating.


          Not too impressed with the Easy Transfer though, I've had 50% success rate with it so far (2/4 on 4 different machines).  But now that I think of it and remember Win 95, 98, XP... maybe that isn't such a bad success rate for Microsoft....




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