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    DP67DE HDD's started to hang




      Got a DP67DE motherboard with 4 drives, 1-SSD, 2-SSD, 3-old HDD, 4-newer HDD (all SATA). Running Windows 7 64bit.

      It have been working all right till recently (cant really say when problems started, maybe a month ago).

      Symptoms was that the 4th HDD (2,5" 1T) started to hang sometimes with hdd lcd lamp continously glowing and no response from OS (reboot required).
      Some days ago 3rd hdd (3,5" 750GB) started behaving the same way.


      Booting up works ok most of the time, but when doing something with the hdd's the system hangs.
      I can usually access the hdd's, but after some time it just hangs.

      System works ok with just the 2 ssd's.

      When just pushing the reboot button, 3rd and 4th hdd disappears from bios (most of the time, I think). With a cold reboot, all hard drives are mostly found in bios.


      Started the fixing with updating drivers (via new(?) Intel automatic update feature). Same, same.
      Updated bios (from 0067 to 0072). Same, same.

      Made various tries in Windows to get it work, disable search, disable indexing, moved pagefile, etc.


      Bios is more or less vanilla. Changed hot swap for the hdd's to "no".

      Changed power supply yesterday. Same, same.
      Right now I'm running a complete, deep virus scan. (I'm really paranoid about virus, so there shouldn't be any. Never had any before).
      When I went to work this morning, the scan was doing the 3rd hdd and nothing found so far.


      Running out of ideas how to fix this.
      Can you guys help?






      Seems to work better now.

      Installed last Intel Rapid STOR driver.

      Worked somewhat better.

      Could run error-checking tools under drive properties (not before).

      Still hanged when moving files with Windows Explorer.


      Removed registry entry (google for hklm sqmclient windows disabledsessions)

      No freeze so far.


      Will scan for bad sectors next.