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    S1200bts wont boot - show non-documented error


      Hi I just reveived the s1200bts and it will not boot. These thing are connected to it:

      • 2x power cable
      • front panel
      • processor E3-1230 + box cooler
      • 1x 2GB ram module
      • nothing else


      The board will not boot and shuts itself down after a while. No beeps, diagnostic led light up like this: 0x22h (0010 0010 = bit1 & bit5 on, others off) which is NOT specified in documentation.


      what has been also tried without success (LED still show 0x22h):

      • pci-e VGA
      • connect SATA disks
      • connect intrusion detection
      • change RAMs
      • take out RAMs = 3 beeps


      Could someone please help me out?