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    Problem with DX58SO after bios update to 5561


      So I got this DX58SO board over a year ago, and never updated the firmware until tonight when I was having an issue with the marvel driver.


      I grabbed the express version, installed it, confirmed successful, etc.


      I am now unable to enter bios.  it appears to be a USB issue like perhaps the USB isn't enabling soon enough for me to press F2 but I've tried all my ports and they work fine once I'm in windows.


      I've even reset the CMOS, and installed the new chipset firmware (even though I doubted that would solve anything)


      Once windows boots up I'm able to use my usb devices without any problems.  I just need to get into the bios and change boot order so I can boot from a CD and this has me at a roadblock.


      any ideas?