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    DZ68DB died after updating to the Latest Bios


      I recently bought a DZ48DB and a i7 2600k package deal, and the motherboard is dead now after a BIOS update. When assembling all the components together and booting up everything was running smoothly. I installed window 7 ultimate and booted everything up getting all the latest drivers avaliable for windoes it self. After all the installation was completed, I then prodeeded to instal the latest BIOS for the board from the intel website. The version of BIOS that came with the board was version 14. I searched on the download page and found that version 32 was the most up to date version and selected the .exe file which installs the BIOS from windows option. When ran the program everything was looking normal and the computer restarted it self and a page of information was posted, showing all the different files were being installed and completed. Upon completion of the installation it proceeds to restart the computer byself and thats when trouble came. When the computer restarted nothing was being posted on the monitor at all. I waited for a while to see if the computer is still doing some kind of installation or work that needs to be done but after 30 minutes of waiting I decided the BIOS installation was failed.


      I then proceeded to try and do a BIOS recovery with every single method provided on the intel website through CD rom, through USB of 4 gig and a USB with 128 MB using the original BIOS 14 .BIO file with nothing else in the CD/USB drives with the jumpers removed. Upon removing the jumpers I disconected everything from the computer including the power cable. I've tried resetting the BIOS by removing the CMOS battery and retrying the BIOS recovery that way. Nothing works. Cruising through the web I came upon a person that had a simular thing that happened to him but he was able to get into the bios by putting the jumper into configure mode (2-3). http://communities.intel.com/message/136819#136819 is where I found it. Unfortunately that method did not work for me. I am running out of ideas to somehow get this motherboard working again. I've contacted the technical support from intel using the livechat option and they didn't really help me at all. Basically just asking me if I tried all the recovery methods that was provided by intel's website. They said they were going to transfer my problem to someone near my geo and I'm suppose to get a call from them but I haven't recieved anything. At this point what else can I do to get this computer working again? If the board is dead where do I go from here?

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          I was the one who discovered that the BIOS configuration option brought the system back to life.  We need to determine how dead your board is.  By the way, I have upgraded to the latest BIOS without issue by placing the BIOS image file on the hard drive and using the BIOS upgrade option that is displayed on the splash screen.  This means that at least one motherboard works with the lastest version of the BIOS.


          The problem I was facing originally was that the BIOS upgrade caused changes to the video configuration settings.  This made the splash screen not to appear unless the configuration jumper was set.  However, in my cast the Windows splash screen (and everything else) was showing once the system came up.


          It sounds like this is not the case for you -- but it will also be the case if the motherboard can't boot from a drive because you removed it (for example).


          So let's see how alive it is...


          Power down the system.

          Ensure the BIOS configuration jumper is in the normal run position.

          Remove all connections from the motherboard except for power, mouse, keyboard, display, and an empty CD/DVD drive.

          Power up the system.

          Watch the hard drive access light and/or the CD/DVD to see if it flashes at all during bootup.

          The light should at least light up for a very short time.

          Now press a key on the keyboard and see if the light flashes.  This is where the system would display there is no boot drive is available and is asking the user to press a key to retry.


          The system is somewhat aliave if the light flashes as you press keys.


          If the system is alive and yet you still cannot see anything on the display. you may want to attempt to connect the motherboard to different.  You may want to try this also with the BIOS configuration jumper set to configure.


          Also, pay attention to beeps when the system starts up.  Count the number of beeps.  I think one of the motherboard manuals has a table that tells what

          this means.

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            There are lights coming from the CD-ROm drive but i think thats normal for the CD-Rom drive to do with or w/o a working bios. The light for the keyboard doesn't turn or or respond to any buttons pressing. I've hooked up the motherboard to 3 different monitor, HDMI port, PCI xpress vid card, and the DVI port and nothing post. I've tried taking out the ram 1 of the two I have installed nothing happens, I tried taking out both of the Ram and nothing happens. Theres no beep, no response from the computer at all. I've contacted the RMA services from Intel through the phone and talked to their representative and they're going to to do a RMA procedure for me. Hopefully Intel's RMA isn't a nightmare and everything goes through smoothly. Just sucks I'll be out of a desktop computer for at least 2 weeks +. I really hope they send me a brand new board or at least one that is decently new because the new board I had lasted all for 2 hours. Sucks having bought a new board and RMAing it, and then pay for shipping again to only get a used up board.


            I really wished I could just get this one I have working again. I still quite confused as to what went wrong during the bios update that could have caused this malfunction.

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              Are there any possibilities the power supply isn't working?  I would imagine the fans are kicking on...


              You may want to remount the motherboard and CPU just in case.


              Otherwise, it sounds like the motherboard is deader than a doorknob.


              I hear you on your concerns with the RMA.  I contacted Intel support when the BIOS update changed my video settings which made it appear the BIOS clobbered my system.  The technician tried to reproduce this issue in the lab and could not so he recommended to exchange the motherboard.  I had the same thoughts as you -- but he insisted that there was something strange going on.


              I did get a replacement motherboard without issue.  It was in perfect physical condition.  But, it had the same problem where auto video settings in the BIOS would cause issues.   I was very disappointed that I had to go through the exchange to get a motherboard with the same issues.  What concerned me the most was I had no idea what issues might be lurking with the exchanged motherboard which had been handled by users who don't take static discharge precautions like myself.


              I ended up sending back the original motherboard.  The replacement motherboard has worked almost flawlessly.  I see some issues with HD 3000 that I need to look at getting resolved but I think this is nothing to do woth the motherbaord.


              I actually couldn't be happier with the DZ68DB.  Throw a SSD for the primary hard drive and the system screams.  Power to login for me is about 20 seconds.  The system sleeps and wakes up without issues.  I've had no lockups.  The power is there when you need it yet it system consumes 52 watts when it is idle.


              I wish you the best of luck in getting your system up and running.

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                Thanks a lot for your help, it has been much apreciated. Its good to know that you got a good working board in great condition through the RMA, it puts my mind at ease. Hopefully mine will be the same way.

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                  same here ..... tried every option no results....... wanted to update bios for memory compatibility...... lots of fixes in 0040 were related to that..... once i recieve myboard through rma i ll try with cd rom option to update.... lets see what happens.... every possible way with usb didnt worked..... if theres a perfect way to flash bios plz share.... i even tried recovery method ..... but my system wud just do on and offf continuosly. f7 didint worked either....it says  version 0014 wud not let me update. aborted. then i updated to 0032 which updated with few difficulties . from there i tried to update 0040 . on the last part machine rebooted and from there on ...nothing. even update from windows didnt worked.

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                    Here is a link for BIOS recovery instructions... http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/CS-023360.htm


                    Did you try to remove the BIOS configuratoin jumper and install the BIOS update via a thumb drive?  Make sure to follow the instructions given in the link (if you haven't already).  I would also ensure that the only thing connected to the MB is the power supply, thumb drive, hard drive access light, power on switch, and monitor.  Pay attention to the hard drive access light when you are ready to flip the computer on to attempt the BIOS recovery.


                    If that fails you are probably out of luck...


                    When you receive your new motherboard, make sure to enable "Flash Update Sleep Delay" under the Power tab in the BIOS settings.


                    When I originally got the MB, I also attempted to upgrade to a new BIOS.  After the upgrade, my computer was also just powering on and off.  This would cycle every 10-20 seconds or so.  I could not see what was happening on the screen because the MB doesn't know how to autodetect displays.  I tried VGA, HDMI, and DVI and still no screen.  I thought it was messed up then I stumbled on the BIOS configuration jumper which made the display magically work.  From there I could change the BIOS settings again and try the upgrade again.


                    The "Flash Update Sleep Delay" option changes how and when the MB requests the power supply to turn on and off.  My guess is the power supply was being shut off before the BIOS update was complete.  I have no idea why this is even an option -- but I had to change it from the default setting to get it to work.


                    Like I said earlier, I have not attempted to try 0040 (It sounds like this BIOS have different issues) but at least I hope this will allow you to upgrade to 0032 easier.


                    I'm wondering if those of you who had their MB die after 0040 had some other setting in the BIOS that caused the upgrade to fail.  For example, were there any performance optimizations enabled prior to the upgrade?  I'm not at all saying that the BIOS should have been released with this issue.  My guess is that the 0040 release has some fairly major changes and there might be certain BIOS configurations that it cannot handle in upgrading.

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                      @ rsnelson thanx for  ur promt reply. i read the recovery method from the website. i did what they said. apart from monitor hdd thumbdrive only my wireless keyboard and mouse were connected. anyways i noticed that Flash Update Sleep Delay was disabled. hanks alot for mentioning that. i ll try enabling that. i will probably recieve it within 10 days . will surely post the results. just wanted to ask whats the safest method for updating bios . anyways thanks a lot.

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                        no other settings in bios.....on ram was on manual mode. and turbo boost was on which is by default. nothing else.

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                          I have a same board.I also did BIOS update from 032 to 040 and want successful and after that it did not boot to windows.so then i remove cmos battery and wait 10 minutes before putting it back in.set bios back to defualt and save it. My SATA dive was in AHCI mode and change to IDE.i'm using conventional hard drive if you using SSD change to AHCI. after that my windows start right up.