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    HELP dh55hc wont detect video card after bios update


      after i updated my bios,the computer wouldnt detect my external video card...

      although my internal video card works fine

      i have selected in the bios the option that automatically activates the external videocard on boot,but it still wont work

      the comp boots normally but there is no picture on the screen



      Intel desktop board dh55hc

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          I've seen this reported before and if it was my PC, ANY BIOS flashing I did would be on a basic system with all unnecessary cards removed. As you have onboard graphics and that's working fine, I suggest you try shutting down the PC and unplugging it from the mains. Then remove the graphics card altogether then boot up using just the onboard graphics and have another go at flashing the BIOS again. Once you have that working fine then shut down, power off and plug the graphics card back in and have another go at getting that to work. You may need to reinstall the graphics card drivers though.


          Be aware that in future, it'd be worth removing your graphics card and just using onboard graphics every time when flashing the BIOS.