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    Increase FPS!


      Hi guys, im here because i have a question!

      I have  a nig PC and a big PC(this is the little), but there is a way( update, software) to increase my FPS on my game wich is crossfire.       

      SOrry for my english.


      Processor:Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N 270  @  1.60 GHz (2 CPUs)

      Name: Mobile Intel(R) 945 express Chipset Family

      Chip: Intel(R) GMA 950

      Memory: 1016 RAM


      Thank you guys, i hope you help me!

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          *A BIG and little PC

          MY FAIL

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            Radu Bogdan

            Intel Atom CPU has not been designed with games in mind.

            You will need a different Motherboard & CPU (i3 or i5 cpu)


            What you might be doing (but will not help too much) is while you play the game, close all programs in the background (IM messenger, skype, antivirus, backup jobs etc)


            Once you exit the game, enable back the antivirus and all the other programs.


            Hope it helps.