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    DH67BL No Video (graphics driver issues)


      When installing the OS (Win 7 Home Premium 32-bit), as soon as I try to install the IGP drivers, my machine effectively stops working. .

      PC restarts, I see Intel startup logo, see Windows 7 boot animation and hear Windows startup audio, then black screen (no video signal to monitor via HDMI or DVI) where the Windows login page. (most common outcome)         



      What I did as soon as a fresh copy of windows 7 was installed


      1.- Install all the drivers that came with the motherboard. (Chipset drivers, Audio, LAN, USB controllers etc..)

      2.- Restart the computer and the monitor black out after the logo screen.

      3.- Safe Mode (Uninstall Intel HD Graphics Family Driver)

      4.- Windows started with Standard VGA driver.

      5.- I tried first downloading the newest drivers from Elitegroup website for my Motherboard.with the same result.

      6.- I Updated the Bios and didn't help

      7.- Install everything form windows updates (Including the newest chipset driver and newest Intel HD Graphics Driver without success.


      i tried different versions of graphics driver and bios from intel download but same problem remain.



      windows 7 home premium

      processor intel core i3 2100

      mother board intel dh67bl

      memory 2*2gb ddr 1333 zion

      monitor s22a300b



      If somebody knows how to fix this I will apreciate it.


      Thank u.