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    DH67BL No Video (graphics driver issues)


      After showing "starting windows" screen is turned off, but keyboard and mouse and processor are working. this happens when intel graphics driver is installed.

      but the system works without graphics driver and in save mode.


      i tried different versions of graphics driver and bios from intel download but same problem remain.



      windows 7 home premium

      processor intel core i3 2100

      mother board intel dh67bl

      memory 2*2gb ddr 1333 zion

      monitor s22a300b

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          When installing the OS (Win 7 Home Premium 32-bit), as soon as I try to install the IGP drivers, my machine effectively stops working. PC restarts, I see Intel startup logo, see Windows 7 boot animation and hear Windows startup audio, then black screen (no video signal to monitor via HDMI or DVI) where the Windows login page. (most common outcome)

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            What I did as soon as a fresh copy of windows 7 was installed


            1.- Install all the drivers that came with the motherboard. (Chipset drivers, Audio, LAN, USB controllers etc..)

            2.- Restart the computer and the monitor black out after the logo screen.

            3.- Safe Mode (Uninstall Intel HD Graphics Family Driver)

            4.- Windows started with Standard VGA driver.

            5.- I tried first downloading the newest drivers from Elitegroup website for my Motherboard.with the same result.

            6.- I Updated the Bios and didn't help

            7.- Install everything form windows updates (Including the newest chipset driver and newest Intel HD Graphics Driver without success.


            If somebody knows how to fix this I will apreciate it.


            Thank u.

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              Starting from january I installed three DH67GD motherboards (same as DH67BL +firewire & display port, same bios and drivers).

              I updated the graphics driver with almost all the releases available on Intel site for windows 7 x64 and never got the same problem as you.

              I also updated with all the bios releases one after the other, with no such problem.

              I typicaly use DVI and also HDMI at some occasions.


              In the bios menu I have all the settings in auto mode, and the IGP "always enabled".

              I also checked with graphics memory allocation of 128 256 or maximum DVMT. (bios option). I use maximum.


              My monitor is an HP2159m DVI / VGA / HDMI monitor.


              You are speaking of Elitegroup, I took all my drivers on Intel site following this motherboard drivers update page.


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