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    Intel Display Power Saving Technology keep turning itself on after every reboot


      hi, thread title says it all i guess.


      i'm talking about this option that can be found in the Intel Control Panel under Power -> Power Source "On battery"




      i turn it off by unchecking the box right next to it and then i confirm my choice.

      the option stays off until i perform a reboot. after a reboot the option turns itself on again for whatever reason.


      this is confirmed by the fact that the backlight dimming that this feature provides stops happening when i manually disable it but keep occurring after every reboot, of course right until i disable it again.


      i'm not sure if this behaviour is some kind of bug or is something that for whatever reason is only happening to me.

      oh i must add that this is happening with both driver versions and in exactly the same fashion.

      the graphic chip is the one integrated in the mobile i7 2630QM.


      thanks in advance for any help.