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    D945GNT see's 3TB HDD as 800GB HDD. WHY?


      As stated in the headed I have a slightly older desktop board that is currently my HTPC and Ive bought a 3TB HDD made by WD to expand my multi-media storage capabilities. Problem is The Bios see's this as only slightly larger than 800GB and the OS (XP Home) see's it as slightly less than that. Is there a way to correct this with a driver/bios update? I should also mention that currently I have 2-160GB drives in raid-0 for speed and quicker access to these files. Can this be fixed by a simple series of steps or should I go out and buy a external case for the drive and use it that way instead IF the board does not support drives that large. Also I have 2Gb of RAM DDR2 667Mhz and a Pentium 4 CPU running at 3.0Ghz I believe all current updates have already been applied to this board and the BIOS is also up-to-date.


      Any suggestions or helpful advice is welcomed.

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          As Much as I apprecieate the Intel community and all the people that took the time to read my post, I eventually figured it out for myself. Being the kind and generous person I am, I will share my learned wisdom with you.


          The problem wasn't with the motherboard, the memory or even the drive itself. It was the OS. Windows XP Home. This 32 bit OS has served me well for many years and will continue to do so until I can put together a desktop capable of running Win 7 in 64 bit configuration of course. Gotten off track, The OS I currently use has a "built-in" limit of internal storage of 2TB. I found a excellent work-a-round for this to allow you to use these high capacity drives when you find them. The program is called Paragon GPT Disc Management. $20 USD is well invested to allow full unrestricted use of this 3TB drive in my system. I only used it on the drive in question and never on the "system" drive into which it is installed. Kinda weird but it takes care of everything from partion to format. The drive can now be seen as its full intended size sitting right next to the system drive. Do your searches, This was the BEST answer to this problem AND was the cheapest. I did consider a full reboot of Win-7 but considering the cost and the fact that my MB is quite old, Not even sure if intel has Win-7 drivers for it to function as it does now.


          So there you have it in a nutshell. I'll keep the account and brows the site a while after finish setting up a wireless color laser printer for myself and the folks. Have a great day, A beautiful night and sleep peacefully.


          Exit stage left.