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    Core 2 Duo Compatibility Tool Giving Invalid Results for Older Desktop Boards?


      BIOS download for Intel Desktop Board DG965WH
      The latest BIOS version available is listed as 1754.


      Compatible Processors for Board DG965WH
      Lists many processors, like, for example, E6700 2.66Ghz Core 2 Duo. On that same page "Min BIOS Version" is 0816.


      It seems like the processor compatibility tool has some problems. Looking at my BIOS setup screens it looks like the DG965WH FSB is 800MHz, and many of the upgrade processors in the grid are at 1066MHz or better. Can the board actually run at 1066MHz? Plus I cannot find any place to download a version 0816 BIOS for my desktop board DG965WH.


      Is the Compatibility Tool giving invalid results?