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    DH67CF integrated graphics not working when driver installed


      I recently purchased the DH67CF (B3) to build a new HTPC and I am running into what I believe is a hardware issue, but I would like to run it by folks on the community before contacting warranty support.  I am a fairly experienced, amateur system builder having built systems for myself and friends over the past 20 years.


      The symptom:

      When installing the OS (Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit), as soon as I try to install the IGP drivers, my machine effectively stops working.  It does one of three things.

      1. PC restarts, I see Intel startup logo, see Windows 7 boot animation and hear Windows startup audio, then black screen (no video signal to monitor via HDMI or DVI) where the Windows login page. (most common outcome)
      2. Will not restart (no POST/startup logo; black screen (no video signal to monitor via HDMI or DVI)
      3. One time upon restarting, I received a text-mode screen stating 'Intel(R) Sandybridge Desktop PCI Accelerated SVGA BIOS, Build Number: 2111 PC 14.34 02/23/2011 17:43:49, DECOMPILATION OR DISASSEMBLY PROHIBITED, Copyright (C) 2000-2003 Intel Corp. All Rights Reserved'.  The PC was frozen on this page.


      The cause of one of these three symptoms is absolutely repeatable.  When I am in VGA mode, no problems whatsoever.  As soon as I install the Intel IGP drivers, I run into one of the issues described above.  As soon as I boot in safe mode, uninstall the drivers and reboot, I'm back in VGA mode and everything is fine.


      I have tried the procedure above on BIOS 0105 (what my board shipped with), BIOS 0125 (latest stable since 0131 was pulled), Intel HD graphics driver and Intel HD graphics driver


      Any ideas?  This sounds like I might need a replacement mainboard, but wanted to hear input from the community.


      My setup is below.





      My setup

      • Intel DH67CFB3
      • Intel Core i5-2500S
      • Corsair XM3 DDR3, 8GB, 2 DIMMS (CMX8GX3M2A1333C9)
      • OCZ Vertex 3, SATA 3, 60 GB
      • Seagate Momentus, SATA 2, 500 GB
      • Panasonic UJ-135-A, SATA BD combo drive