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    Monitor not detected (HD3000)





      I have a DH67BL Mainboard and wanted to use the integrated graphics from the Core i3 2105 with this Monitor: "iiyama ProLite E481S".

      But the Monitor is not detected properly, in the device manager it is named as "Generic non-PnP Monitor". I tried VGA and DVI, both the same problem.


      This monitor works perfectly on a nvidia graphics card and another Monitor is detected without any problems.


      It seems the EDID information isn't detected properly.

      Therefore the max. reolution and frequency are set to 2560 x 1600 and 120hz, which causes problems with some applications, because they switch automatically to these values. (The Monitor supports max. 1280x1024, 75hz.)


      With the "Monitor Asset Manager" I generate an INF-File, by using the EDID information. But even after applying the INF-File, the same resolutions are selectable and used by applications.


      Does someone know how to get rid of these problems?

      Is there another way to define the max. resolution and frequency?


      The bios and driver versions are up-to-date. OS: Windows 7 x64


      Thanks for your help