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    Intel DP55KG Desktop Board - Hangs and BSOD's


      Hello all,


      I own a DP55KG motherboard and am having strange issues as of late and am wondering what could be wrong (I've got the idea my motherboard or processor is slowly failing ).


      Every few days my pc experiences a blank screen for a few seconds. After the screen turns back on I'm receiving the error message that the nvlddmkm service stopped responding and was recovered successfully. Right before that happens an error occurs the Event Viewer. It's the following error:

      Source: WHEA-Logger

      Event ID: 17

      A corrected hardware error has occurred.

      Component: PCI Express Root Port
      Error Source: Advanced Error Reporting (PCI Express)

      Bus:Device:Function: 0x0:0x3:0x0
      Vendor ID:Device ID: 0x8086:0xd138
      Class Code: 0x30400

      The details view of this entry contains further information.


      However since 2 weeks I've been having sudden hangs with no errors at all. Can't even press the Numlock key on my keyboard and reset button doesn't reset the pc as it normally would. Instead it shuts down for a few seconds and then the pc comes back on again. Yesterday during the late afternoon my computer suddenly switched to a BSOD with a bug check code of: 0x0000101 which means a Watchdog Event Timeout occured.



      PSU: Enermax Modu82+ 625W

      Motherboard: Intel DP55KG

      CPU: Intel Core i7 860 (not OCed)

      Memory: Kingston HyperX 4x 2GB (CL-7-7-7 LLCM, but I've set the timings according to the SPD)

      Graphics Card: MSI Geforce GTX460 (1GB RAM,)

      HDD: (Intel AHCI SATA Port 1): Corsair 60GB SDD (with the latest 2.0 FW)

      ODD: (Intel AHCI SATA Port 2): Sony DVD-/+RW

      RAID Controller: 3Ware 9650SE-4LPML SATAII RAID Controller

      HDD: 2x Western Digital VelociRaptor 300GB

      OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit (installed in BIOS mode; (u)EFI gave too many problems) and Gentoo Linux 64-Bit with a custom compiled 2.6.39 kernel.


      Things I've tried:

      - Updating all drivers and firmware

      - If my pc boots and doesn't have a crash, then it's extremely stable. I am able to game for hours, watch movies and do stuff without having a crash;

      - I've tried running a CPU / Mem stress test for 4 hours using Prime95 and it did not crash and remained stable (including voltages and temps);

      - Memtest for a whole night shows no errors;


      Is there anybody who might have another clue? Could this be another BIOS bug causing these problems, since the BIOS had similar problems before?

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          If your graphics card has a socket for an additional power supply, is the PSU plugged directly in there? If so, have you tried swapping to use a different feed from the PSU (if available). Although a PCIe bus slot provides a limited amount of power sufficient on its own for some graphics cards, many others NEED additional power provided through a socket on the card or the motherboard becomes overloaded and can be damaged.


          Even though you said there's no overclocking going on, have you loaded default values in the BIOS (using the load default values menu option) and saved out of there? Perhaps this is down to a dual boot issue and if the above makes no difference it'd be worth testing just with one OS installed at a time.

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            The answers to your questions:

            1. Yes the additional PCI-E plug is plugged in directly into the graphics card and is connected directly to the PSU (It would be stupid not to connect them );

            2. I'm not sure whether it happens in Linux as I do not use it often, use it for testing purposes every now and then and the setup is very minimal (no GUI);

            3. Default BIOS values and adjusting BIOS values does not solve the issue.

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              olger901 wrote:


              The answers to your questions:

              1. Yes the additional PCI-E plug is plugged in directly into the graphics card and is connected directly to the PSU (It would be stupid not to connect them );

              Sillier things have happened and since I don't know your level of experience, please excuse me for stating what you think is obvious. I have an old AGP graphics card with a socket for an external power connection but it only needs to be plugged in if you want to use an ancilliary fumction on the card - I think it's the built in firewire port.


              Perhaps your basic Linux installation is interfering with things (even though it's not in use at the time). The only truly safe way to dual boot is to have the different OSs on different drives and select a different boot drive in the BIOS when you want to change OSs. Given you appear to have tried the other things I would have tried such as the latest BIOS and drivers (although no word if you have the latest Intel(R) Desktop Control Center v5.5.1 and the prerequisite .NET 3.5 or higher installed), I think it may be time to go back to basics and get rid of the second OS and any non-essentials if you want to try and weed out the culprit. Although these problems may seem random, there'd also be alot of value in trying to see if there's even the slightest pattern that brings them on (such as lots of HDD activity happening immediately before the BSODs/Hangs or only when the PC is warm etc).

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                First of all, thank you for replying


                Secondly, I don't think (or can't see) my Linux install interfering with the system instability, because I never boot from Windows to Linux without shutting down the system first. (I've got the experience with BSOD's caused by Wine applications that occured after a reboot ). The issues are always at random. Sometimes the CPU will be idle at 33 degrees celcius, other times the CPU will be idle at 40 degrees celcius.


                The thing that interests me though is why my machine gave me a Watchdog Timeout BSOD. This motherboard had issues with it's watchdog timer before:


                - Fans running at full speed after a cold boot and not slowing down (which was fixed in one of the BIOS updates);

                - Reporting incorrect / different voltages in the BIOS / OS (unknown if this is fixed; haven't checked);

                - Reporting a 99 degrees celcius CPU during the first few seconds of the boot (after it's immidately at 25-28 degrees celcius);


                So I'm wondering if:

                - It's a really buggy watchdog / voltage chip;

                - The motherboard has a faulty voltage chip;

                - The motherboard has faulty PCI-E lines (due to the WHAE error reported);

                - The videocard is giving up on me (due to the weird errors happening with the NVIDIA drivers;

                - It could still be one of the vague bugs on the motherboard


                Problem is the store where I bought my components will not replace the components until it's 100% sure what component is the faulty one.

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                  Although I have a different mb than yours I encountered the problems that you mention nevertheless: the cold boot effect on the fan speed and wrong display of temperature, and the occassional bsod. The cold boot problem as what you have experience was resolved by a bios update. The bsod which is very difficult to pinpoint since its occurence is random was resolved by using the Intel prescribed ram modules.


                  Hope this will help you in resolving your problem.

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                    The memory I'm using is certified by Kingston to work with the specific motherboard, so this shouldn't pose an issue. I could try removing 2 RAM modules and see what that does though

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                      All ram manufacturer will give you assurance however if you read so many threads in the forum problems occurs due to the ram. Try consulting the webpage of supported ram for your mb to be sure. I'm not saying that the manufacturer is not making a good ram but as what other's are saying Intel's mb is very picky to the type of ram to be use with them. I have Kingston installed in my mb and it is the one prescribed by intel. The presvious ones assured by another manufacturer are the ones causing the bsod. I had them sold.

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                        Further to what Boyet wrote I can back up what he says about 'to spec' RAM not necessarily offering the best reliability if it's not specifically on the list of approved memory. I've had similar experiences with another brand of motherboard and DIMMs from another manufacturer (even though they were to the same spec), made the world of difference and got rid of my BSODs.


                        If you've tried everything else (including going back to basics with a fresh install of one OS) and this PC has never worked reliably since it was built (not sure if that's the case though) then that's definiately something to look at - especially when it comes to boards in the extreme series such as this model.


                        I can quite understand the motherboard suppliers reluctance to RMA the board without being certain it's to blame and a fresh install of an approved OS using the minimum of (all approved) components with it and the latest BIOS and drivers are usually the way to narrow things down. You haven't mentioned if you're using the latest Intel desktop software for this board.


                        Further more, I've noticed that all of the approved Kingston Memory shown on the System Memory page for this board have 9/9/9 timing (although others have 7/7/7).