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    DH67CF Fan control in BIOS settings doesn't report fan speed when I change from 'Outlet'


      When I go into fan control, there are two menus for the fan. The default is 'CPU Fan' and 'Rear Fan', and they work fine.


      Now I want to change the 'Rear Fan' which actually is 'Outlet' to be a 'Inlet' because that's what it actually is. So I hit enter on the 'Rear Fan' although it's weird. By default, it's set as 'Outlet' here.


      If I change this to 'Inlet', on the next boot if I come into the BIOS, there's still the same two menus, 'CPU Fan' and 'Rear Fan'. I don't know why it's still 'Rear Fan', but 'Rear Fan' doesn't report the RPM of the fan.


      Even if I go into the menu of 'Rear Fan', I no longer see the RPM being reported. The only way to get the RPM back is by changing the 'Inlet' back to 'Outlet'.



      Does everyone else has the same problem? I know it's not a big deal, but it's just annoying to see this and have to wonder if I have a bad board again for the second time. I tried BIOS 0119 and 0125 with no changes. I also tried to go back even further to 0110 version, but it says that BIOS is blacklisted when I attempt a flash.


      This motherboard is a 2nd replacement shipped by intel because of their screw up on the recent BIOS that bricked my board. I'm just hoping this isn't a problem with the board itself, because it takes a long time and effort to replace the board again.


      I have a GTX460 graphics and 4GB x 2 sticks of ram, i3-2120, 1 ssd, 1 hdd, 1 dvdrw.

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          The Fan Usage field is just a label; letting you provide an indication of how you are using the fan within your system. It will be reflected in Intel(R) Desktop Utilities. Changing it does not, in any way, shape or form, affect the health monitoring or fan speed control configuration or operation (I repeat: it's just a label). On the main Monitoring Scene, the field names presented are based upon the motherboard's silk screen labels for the fan headers. They do not change when you change the Fan Usage (though, there are one or two BIOSs that display both the board label and the usage string in this field )...


          After seeing the field remain blank (which indicates that the BIOS did not see any tachometer pulses from the fan during its initial query), did you try rebooting or power cycling the system? This issue can sometimes just be the result of a fan that is very slow to respond (I have seen some 4-wire fans that are *very* slow to respond); rebooting/power cycling may get you a different result...


          Also, have you ensured that you are running on the latest BIOS? The replacement board may not come with the latest BIOS installed...

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            If the fan was too slow to get recognized, shouldn't it report 0 RPM instead of not reporting at all? It is a big fan that's attached to the case running at 800 RPM. Besides, it actually gets reported when I choose the label as 'Outlet'.


            I tried cold reboots several times, and also tried changing the fan usage to any other description. The only one that works is when I have it set as 'Outlet', and then reboot, and into the BIOS. In Desktop Utilities, it reports correctly.


            As I already mentioned, I tried the two most recent BIOS 0119 and 0125. Both does the same thing, and I'm currently on 0125. The most recent fail version 0131 was pulled away because it bricked people's motherboard, and there's no way to recover from it.


            Lately, this happened to me once where the VRtemp and Memtemp was suddenly reported over 100C and the fan was running like crazy. I wasn't doing anything, and the CPU usage was near 0% idle at the time, and none of the components were actually hot. After a reboot, it went back to normal and I can stress my computer at 100% without any problem. I don't know what is going on with this board.

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              I have the same issue on a Z68BC motherboard.

              Updating the defaul "Aux" fan label to "PSU In" causes the BIOS to stop reporting RPM's for this fan.

              Doesn't matter how many reboots.

              If I head back to BIOS and revert to default "Aux", it will begin reporting RPM's on next reboot.

              Fan speed doesn't seem to change by updating the label, but how random and annoying to lose RPM readout, as this should be unrelated to how one wishes to label each PWM fan header.

              Best I recall, Intel's fan monitoring app will also stop reporting RPM's.

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                hp79 - I see that the defect that I opened regarding this issue has now been closed. You need to watch for the BL0146 BIOS being posted (this BIOS supports the DH67BL, DH67CF, DH67CL, DH67GD and DH67VR motherboards). It should post shortly...


                Dominicus - After seeing your report of duplication on the DZ68BC boards, I asked the BIOS team to verify that the fix is included across all of the 6 Series BIOSs. I will try to remember to update you once the fix becomes available for your board but, in case I miss it, you should watch for BIOS updates being posted and try them out when they do...

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                  Thanks for the heads up, I will be patiently waiting for the update.

                  In a way, I'm still afraid of the nightmare with 0131 firmware bricking my brand new DH67CF board*, and being replaced with a bad refurbished board. I can't remember how many times I had to disassemble everything in my cramped mini-ITX case because of this intel board. I know a fixed 0131 was posted, but I'm still on 0125 because I lost faith on intel boards. I hope the new bios gets tested properly.



                  *0131 bricking DH67CF, making it unrecoverable. http://communities.intel.com/message/140468



                  I'll update this post once I try the new bios and confirm that my board reports the fan speeds.

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                    I updated the BIOS to 0146, and the fan speed is now being reported. However, when I go back to the main menu, the label is stuck as 'Rear Fan'. What kind of a sloppy job is that? Intel should've just not give an option to relabel those in the first place if they can't fix it.


                    Another more serious problem, the second step of BIOS update does not work. When I remove the BIOS jumper, and try to go into recovery mode, there's nothing coming up on the screen. I tried burning a CD, also a USB flash drive with the BIOS file, it shows nothing on the screen.


                    I really hated opening up my cramped case all over again just to get access to that stupid jumper that doesn't even work.


                    There's a thread going on about step 2 of BIOS update not working, and even bricking the board.



                    I hope I don't ever have to use the BIOS recovery mode.

                    I also updated my review I had wrote on Amazon.com since it came to my thought. I can't believe I initially rated it as 5 star.

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                      This is not sloppiness at all; it is purposeful. On the main monitoring scene, that fan sensor labels are fixed to match the silk screen labels for the fan headers on the motherboard. This is the only reliable way to ensure that folks can match the physical fan headers they have plugged their fans into to the entries in the display. The Usage parameter is intended for and is used by runtime applications, such as Intel(R) Desktop Utilities, to describe the usage for the fans within their status displays and alerts...


                      I will let folks involved in the analysis of the BIOS update issue respond regarding it...




                      P.S. To folks with other boards encountering the issue with the Usage field causing fan speeds to not be displayed in BIOS, I have opened defects against the other boards involved and you should see fixes in a subsequent BIOS release...