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    4500MHD (GM45): Full on freezes when running older games (KOTOR, CS:Source in DX8 mode)


      Hi there!


      There seems to be something wrong with my 4500MHD: Newer games run quite well, but some older ones cause the machine to full-on freeze - the picture freezes and the sound loops the last few milliseconds. The system no longer responds to any keypresses at all...


      The most glaring example is Counter-Strike Source: On regular settings it runs perfectly fine for hours on end, but if I run it in DX8 mode (via the command line switch) for higher FPS, it freezes after an hour or so.


      I'm running the latest driver version according to Lenovo System Update... are non-Lenovo (i.e. straight from Intel) drivers better/more stable in this regard? Any other ideas as to fixing the issue? Maybe it's as simple as a setting somewhere...?


      Thanks in advance...



      -edit- Found another one: Command&Conquer Generals: Zero Hour does exactly the same thing. Downloading the original Intel drivers to try out now...


      Also: The freezes occur on my XP installation (dual boot) too

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