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    DG43RK memory settings


      Hello all,


      I am trying to get memory running at 1333 Mhz, as explained in the board specifications.

      My processor has 1066 Mhz bus (E6300), and also the memory is automatically running at 1066 Mhz.

      I tried the BIOS settings under Performance -> Memory Configuration, but the Reference Frequency is non changeable (fixed at 1066 Mhz).

      I don't want to overclock the processor, I only want to change the memory frequency.

      Can I suppose the only way to have memory running at 1333 Mhz is with a 1333 Mhz processor ?

      Does this board have a selectable multiplier between FSB and memory clock, as for any other motherboard in the universe ?


      Thanks for the support,



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          If you already have the latest BIOS installed on your PC then you'll be stuck with what you have (and I suspect even the latest BIOS for the board wouldn't let you run the memory faster tha the FSB - how are they going to communicate).


          In the end, if you're wanting faster performance, bumping up memory speed will have a negligable affect anyway but may adversely impact reliability if the rest of the PC has problems keeping up. It's time to defrag the HDD, update to all the latest drivers / BIOS and perhaps unistall some unneeded software or perform a fresh install if you really want to get your PC at peak operating perfomance.

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            Thanks for the reply,


            I also believe this MB cannot run memory at 1333 Mhz with 266 Mhz FSB processors.


            I tried to set the FSB to 333 Mhz with E6600, doesn't work at all.


            I was setting up a new PC, so I don't have disks to defrag to increase the performance, or programs to uninstall. With DG43RK I was also unable to install Kingston KVR1333D3N9/4G memories, while the same version /2G is working only after upgrading BIOS to the latest version. I wanted 8 Gb with two memory modules, and bought the DIMM's in advance, but looking at the criticity of this board, this was not the right decision.


            Bottom line, I bought another motherboard. I was able to install the two 4 Gb memories, getting 8 Gb total. I also set the FSB to 333 Mhz, the processor runs at 3 Ghz, and the memory at full 1333 Mhz speed. Everything is absolutely stable and works perfectly.


            I will keep the DG43RK for future PC's.


            Thanks a lot,

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              Intel boards do tend to be plain vanilla in many (but not all) ways (except for the Extreme Series). While other brands may have extra clock multiplier options and additional configuration possibilities, in my experience often the Intel boards don't. There are advantages to this however because if you follow the user manual and tech spec instructions (eg getting approved memory for the board), usually you end up with a simpler PC all round with fewer 'bells and whistles' to potentially go wrong.


              If you look through these desktop board forums, it's perhaps not to much of a surprise that a large percentage of posts come from people using Extreme series boards which do have these sorts of additional options! Sorry for assuming you have an old motherboard you were looking to upgrade memory on (rather than brand new bits). The socket 775 CPUs are now getting a bit long in the tooth and I made the wrong assumption