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    I Get a blue screen error randomly whenever i run my PC


      My PC gives a blue screen error randomly whenever i run it.It is running quiet good since i bought it but this blue screen error which occurs randomly while working freaks me out.it occurs atleast once or twice per day.I am running a Intel I3 (2100 LGA-1155) processor on a intel DH61WW (Classic series) desktop board with a RAM of 4GB (CORSAIR DDR3 1333mhz) .I have installed Windows-7 ultimate (X86).whenever there is a error it tell's me Memory mangement and shows dumping memory and stops working.i have already replaced my RAM once but this is a new one and i have installed it in a single module(4GB in 1 Slot) single channel config.I dont know whether this RAM config is correct are not.Please help me come out of this mess..............:(


      The error discription is as below:


      Problem signature:


      Problem event name:Bluescreen

      O.S version             :6.1.7600.

      Locale ID                :1033


      Additional information about the problem:


      BCCode        :1a

      BCP1            :0041284

      BCP2            :6897A001

      BCP3            :0000000

      BCP4            :C0802000

      OS version     :6_1_7600

      Service pack  :0_0

      Product         :256_1

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          It's preferred to run in dual channel mode for greater performance so if you can swap the one 4 GB module for 2 x 2 GB compatible modules, you should have things running faster. What changes did you make before the BSODs started occurring or have they always occurred since it was new? Have you loaded and saved BIOS Default Values (from the load defaults BIOS setup option) and saved out of there? If you assembled it from new did you use precautions against electro static damage such as a grounded wrist strap and not touching any of the connector slots or sockets etc?


          Have you tried installing all the latest drivers off the Intel website for your board? I note that you haven't installed SP1 for Windows 7 so that'd be worth updating to and of course you need antivirus software. It'd also be helpfull to know if your PSU is up to the task, what sort are you using? Finally, is there ANY common factors as to when these BSODs occur eg soon after opening a particular piece of software, after going on the internet etc?

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            I'm no expert, however I had a memory related problem in my video card, and this program provided the details to allow me to identify it.







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              Or even Windows own event viewer may give the OP some clues but often the errors displayed with BSODs are indirect and can have a myriad of potential causes e.g. IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL is a favorite one that can lead you down blind alleys from checking all the drivers to memory issues!

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                Thanks buddy.I will take ur advice and try all of it and then i will get back 2 u................

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                  Dear fellow blue screen error is not such a big issue you should take following steps to resolve it.

                  When the blue screen error apepars then just Turn your PC OFF.

                  Now very simply just remove your Hard Drive and attach it with another PC already having an Hard Drive in it.

                  Now Turn that PC ON and make that PCz Hard Drive as Master Drive so that the PC boots from it.

                  Now you will see that just before the startup screen your own attached Hard Drive will be scanned automatically and fixed for errors.

                  Now after that when the PC Turns ON and both the Hrad Drives get detected fully then Turn that PC OFF and remove your own Hard Drive and attach it back to your own PC and you will see that there will be no more blure screen errors on your Hard Drive.

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