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    err: "attempted to install on an unsupported platform!" XTU on DP67BG


      Hi Guys,

      I have build with Intel DP67BG and i7 2600K, I tend to run intel exterme tuning utility to check my system stability time after time. Today out of the sudden the XTU crashed and I tried to install it but it did'nt worked. When I tried to do a reinstall of XTU a error poped up "attempted to install on an unsupported platform!" which has made me nervious, can someone suggest why this error is comming when the same software was working perfectly fine earlier.


      I will really appricate your comments.


      Intel motherboard DP67BG

      Intel i7 2600k 3.4 GHz

      4 GB/1333  Ram

      Windows 7 professional 64bit.