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    Intel I7 980x guarantee




      there is a question, I would like to ask.

      It is about the warranty from the I7 980x.


      Well, I own the I7 980x and I asked myself several times,

      if the warranty is gone, if I would overclock the I7 980x a little bit.


      Until now I've never trust.

      Well the I7 980x is a very expensive CPU and I thought, that it is made for overclocking,

      but I don't know if the warranty is completly gone if I overclock.


      Is there anyone who know that?

      Well if the warranty will be expire from overclocking, then I don't want to do it. ; )


      Sorry for my bad english.



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          Please keep in mind that over-clocking the processor will force the processor to run out of specifications, this could cause damage to the processor, so the warranty will be voided.

          The Extreme processors are unlocked so the customer can over-clock them (under their own risk).

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            Well I think under this conditions, the extreme processor is useless,

            because it is possible to overclock the I7 970, too without beeing unlocked.

            There is a 400€ difference.


            But okay, thanks for these informations.

            I'll try to sell the processor and get an AMD one, because these processors are unlocked, too

            and about 700€ cheaper.

            Or the new Sandy Bridge / E.

            Depends on the price.


            But I will never buy an Extreme processor again for sure.

            Well there is no reason for it.



            Thanks a lot !