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    SSD320 300GB Drive not found after Power Loss


      I noticed this behaviour now for the 3rd time with 2 different Intel SSD 320 300GB in a Dell Latitude E6400 Notebook (Win 7 SP1, 64Bit).


      When I power down the Notebook by pressing the power button for a long time (Hard Reset or hard power down) the SSD is not acessible at all any more: The Drive is not found any more by teh BIOS and this behaviour can be reproduced at different Desktop PCs.

      However if I just leave the SSD disconnected for about 1 hour and Plug itz into the Laptop Again, the drive functions ok and there seems to be no dataloss or any other problem.

      As far as I understand this behaviour is differnet to the 8MB bug that others observed.


      I tried to reproduce the behaviour by continously power down by long pressing the power button or diconnect the batrery but coul'd not systematically repproduce the behaviour. However it happend to me three times within the last 2 months. The first time the SSD was replaced because we thought is was complete data loss - but the same behaviour showed with the replacement drive where it happened twice and both times after a few hours the drive was fully functional again.


      While this behaviour fortunately seems not to result in data loss it is very anoying especially if this happens under conditions where you need the Laptop right now and cannot wait another hour or more.


      Is this a known bug?

      Is there a solution for this behaviour?