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    Problem with 16 bit on x4500




      I have mobile x4500 (Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Family) I have problem running game in 16 bit set for r_colorbits, game is quakelive.com. When I only put this value I get this : http://imgur.com/MT9av please click on image to see full size. It looks like even grate or "dots". This even shape is always constant, but only visible on 3D view, please look at icons, indicators, it's not there. Can any one explain this effect? I must say that r_colorbits 16 enables much FPS improvement , but this visual effect is annoying. On other graphic cards , the same setting is displayed properly - no grate, dots, that's why I came here , it looks like graphic/driver card related. In 32bits evertything is fine. Please help