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    processors - number or cores and thread


      dear friends...

      we are going to buy xeon - 5690 which is 6 cores .. the server which i am buying is ibm which comes with 2 procesors...

      that means 12 cores... now i am bit confused ... what is a thread... it says this processor is having 12 threads... having 12 threads per processor increases my cores... dont know ...i will be using this server for virtual machines .. so that means this server can maximum  give me 12 cores... or thread has something to do with it ./.

      secondly how we do processor clustering .. means combining many processors from different hardware ... possible or not ... ?

      Please advice


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          This processor supports Hyper-Threading Technology, which allows the processor to support logical cores.

          So like in this particular case, the Intel® Xeon® processor X5690 has 6 physical cores per processor, plus 6 logical cores, that means one logical core per each physical core.

          Making a total of 12 cores (6 physical + 6 logical).

          So this is the reason that the processor can process 12 threads of information at the same time, 6 threads on physical cores plus 6 threads on logical cores.

          Please check this link to check the features of this particular processor:



          Regarding your 2nd question, processor wise it is possible to do processor clustering, in other words the processor does support that environment, however it will depend on the people that designs and implements the clustering systems. So I would suggest contacting the people that designs this type of systems so they can provide you more detailed information about how it works.

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            Thanks Adolf.. for the helpfull reply.. i was really not able to understand the threads and cores..so according to you .. core + threads makes logical CPUs .. is there any link which certify this information that with 5690 processor i get 24 cores of processor.

            that means when i am configuring virtual machines i can sell upto 24 or 30 with over limit ..

            any idea what is the best practice in case of virtual processor selling means how many overlimit we can do...

            and again real thanks for clearing my doubts.. please see if i can get some document in written which certify the same which u said



            Happiness always


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              Currently we do not have a document like the one that you are looking for, however the following link will guarantee that the processor does support Hyper-Threading Technology, which is actually the feature that allows the processor to support logical cores.



              Regarding the processor over-limit that you mention, we can only suggest to have the same number of cores as the ones supported by the system, so if the server system supports 24 cores, then we suggest a limit of 24 cores.

              For further recommendations I would suggest of this type I would suggest contacting any of our Authorized Intel® Distributors.


              You can find a list of Authorized Intel® Distributors at:



              If you are outside the United States, please access the following link and select a location, to find the closest authorized distributor:


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                Thanks Adalfo.. for the help

                one last thing if you can please check..

                we calculate cores based on number of cores in process (6 in case of 5690) + threads/2 (12/2=6) = 12 cores for 5690 or same calculation for each processor.

                Correct me if i am wrong. So when provisioning virtual machines i can provision 24 processor without the performance issues...?

                Please advice