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    BIOS not recognizing 510 SSD


      Just got the ASUS P8Z68-V PRO and an Intel 510 120GB SSD. I have a strange problem with the SATA 6 port 1.

      Port 1: Will not see the Intel SSD, but will see a WD HDD
      Port 2: Will see the Intel SSD!


      Why is port 1 not seeing the SSD but will see a WD HDD?

      No RAID or IDE. It's all set to AHCI
      DVD is in port 6 all set to Hotswap except for DVD

      I installed W7 64 onto the SSD using port 2 (shows as Disk 0 in W7) and it was all ok. Everything shows it is at 6Gb/s. It works 100% fine on Port 2 but no matter what I do it will not show up if I move to Port 1. Although Port 1 works fine for other devices.


      The only thing I haven't tried is another SATA3 or SSD device on Port 1 because I don't have any.


      Drive info:
      Model: Intel SSDSC2MH120A2
      FW: PPG4


      Thanks for the help!