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    Flashing RAID controller on DP67BG board


      I am attempting to flash the RAID controller on my DP67BG Extreme Series board.  I am attemtping to use the Intel RAID Command Liner Tool.  Problem is no command will work except the help command.  I keep getting exit code 0x01 and nothing happens.   When trying to flash, I use the following statement:


      -AdpFwFlash -f {filename} -aALL


      ...and I get the 0x01 exit code, and nothing happens.  No log output except the exit code.


      Help please.

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          I believe that the only way to upgrade the ROM of the Intel RAID controller is by the means of Bios Update.

          The current version if not mistaken is

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            Okay.  The only thing that confuses me now is that I've read at the OCZ forums that a couple people have been able to flash the OROM.  Plus, the Intel Command Line Tools have an option to flash the controller.


            I know that the OPROM is bundled with the BIOS.  And the current version is 10.6, that's what I have.  But, why are separate OROM downloads available if you can't flash it?  Would you have to mod the BIOS files and add the new version of the OROM to that?


            Also, after a little digging, I found the Rapid Storage Technology drivers and software.  In the readme it says that it was designed with OROM version 11.x.x..., so it has to be out there.

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              I would not assume that the newest firmware and drivers are the ones you would want to update your board with. Why chance it?

              Do you think Intel is just not updating every boards support driver area? I guess that is a possibility these days.