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    Windows 7 Boot Failure


      Have SSD 320 series - 300 GB.  After imaging from a clean Win7 install with the Acronis migration tool, the drive fails to boot and requires running "Startup Repair" off the Win7 DVD.  Initially this repair worked.  But some days later this same boot failure has recurred and the "Startup Repair" does not succeed in repairing the drive.  The drive was re-imaged, again with the Acronis software, but has repeatedly failed to boot and cannot be repaired with the Win7 Repair routine.  Does this indicate a bad drive?

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          Since I got my SSD drives, I no longer use Acronis True Image.  I had read that imaging of SSD drives is not recommended.  I just rely on Windows 7's backup feature instead.  It's not an image, of course, but it'll have to work for me.