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    Black Screen after driver update(i5-450M integrated graphic)




      yesterday i updated to the latest drivers for HD Graphic downloading from my manufacter's site:

      VGAIntelVGA Driver8.15.10.220239.8 MB2011/03/28

      (i own a acer aspire 4820tg)

      After installing the driver, the screen gone black.


      In safe mode, i uninstalled the latest driver and reinstalled the older one (also downloaded from the same site), but when rebooting the same problem happened again: after the windows logo, the screen stay black!


      So i returned in safe mode, uninstalled the drivers(enabling the checkbox for deleting the drivers), then rebooted, then again in safe mode win 7 installed his drivers. Now the screen works, but the max resolution is 1024x786.
      Than i tried a lot of other drivers(like every driver in my manufacter's site for my laptop, and all the driver posted in a 17 pages topic on this forum about black screens with driver update), but none of them seams to work.

      In addition, when i try to install the older drivers, it only installs the turbo boost, and if i try to install them from the zip with the usual procedure suggested in the intel's site(from control panel), it doesn't do anything (i think it acts like the videos are already up to date). This happens while the win driver are installed, so i hardly doubt that they are more up to date then my original ones(since a lot of time ago, like an year, i updated the drivers and everything gone fine).


      So, what should i do? 1024x768 is very annoying, and now i can't switch to the discrete graphic without rebooting!
      I really wish this can be solved, even just bringing back the old drivers.


      Thank you for the help i'm sure you will give me!



      (i tried to restore the previous configuration with the windows tool, but it didn't succeeded)


      (windows 7 Professional x64bit
      Ati HD 5470)


      (I don't know how it works for video drivers debugging, but if you explain me i can provide a backtrace)