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      Hello everybody,


      I would like to ask a question, and it seems very primary, but that because I'm very new in programmin SCC.


      When I use RCKMPI form programming SCC, and when it is better to use RCCE ?


      In other words, I need to know the different usage of both: RCKMPI and RCCE ?


      Also Can I add RCKMPI to visual Studio, to help me writting my programs of SCC , of course not debugging, ....



      Thanks in advance

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          RCKMPI and RCCE support a similar style of programming. It really depends on what you want to do with the SCC. If you have some applications that you want to run on the SCC in addition to other platforms, it might be a good idea to go with MPI. If you want to dive deeper and take a closer look, perhaps at the primitives that make up the communication and synchronization between cores, or if you want to experiment with programming models other than message passing, I would suggest to start with RCCE. I haven't used RCKMPI myself, but I think RCCE is definitely a good place to start and learn about the SCC.

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            Thank you for you help.

            But I still have one question :

            - Can I add RCKMPI or RCCE libraries to visual Studio, to help me only in writting my programs of SCC , not debugging, ....



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              You can certainly try if you like, but whether you use can Visual  Studio to build SCC programs is more a question for Microsoft than us. You'd have to configure Visual Studio to use the cross compilers and not the default compiler. And if you are running on a PC with Windows, you'd have to ensure that these cross compilers work on Windows. I don't know of anyone who has done that. Users typically use make on Ubuntu Linux. If you want to use a GUI to build, you might consider configuring Eclipse on Ubuntu Linux to build SCC programs.

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                Are you creating a program to run without an OS (the default is the VSS plugin)?  or trying to create one for running on SCCLinux?

                If the first then you need to recompile and statically link the RCCE library configured for bare metal.  I don't know if RCK MPI has a version suitable for bare metal.

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                  Two quick questions


                  1- Does RCKMPI has an emulator like RCCE?


                  2- I have a big program that uses OpenMPI and I want to see the performance of my program on SCC. Can I compile OpenMPI' source on scc and then use it in my program or it's easier to convert OpenMPI functions I have in my program to their equivalent RCKMPI functions?