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    Seeking help: ICH10R Matrix Raid 5/0 failed on reboot.


      I have a desktop system with 6 1 TB Drives. Its been running on a intel maxtrix raid for several months.


      Yesterday morning, I had a BSOD, and after the dump file was written out and the system rebooted.


      During the POST process the intel raid bios came up and only reported that two of the drives were raid members and that the other 4 were non-raid members. Both the raids I had configured on these drives were listed as failed.


      I have not done anything since this happened other than reboot the system a few times, and curse Intel in every language I know.


      This system is used primarily for video editing and I am going to lose a lot of work if I can't get this data back and working again.


      What is the point of having redundant disks if you can't rely on the controller?


      Thanks in advance for any help.

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          Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology does not provide recovery options for failed RAID volumes.


          Keep in mind that this is a software RAID solution, in which case, it does not have a dedicated processor, memory and registry on the motherboard to save the information on the RAID volumes you create.


          In this case all the RAID information is written in the metadata of the hard drives used in the RAID array. The problem is that if that metadata is lost the array will fail, which is what seems to be the issue here.


          I suggest you to check with your motherboard manufacturer directly for any recommendation on third party software to recover the information on that failed volume.

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            I'm sorry, but I find your response to be frustrating and a little insulting.


            My concerns are that my system had a blue screen error, wrote the page file out to disk, rebooted, and the raid died.


            The drives are fine, 4 of 6 are no longer raid members. I'd even bet good money that the data is intact.


            I know that its not a real hardware raid solution, I also know its not a real software raid solution. I have used host raid solutions for years now. I have used software and hardware raids for decades. This is the first time in two decades that I've seen this happen. I can't see anything other than product failure as  the cause for this.


            I didn't expect y'all to have a solution for this that I had not already arrived at, but hope springs eternal.


            I admit that I am disappointed by your lack of concern about a potential flaw in your product. You didn't even ask what version I was using.