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    Intel 6230 Advanced-N doesn't auto-connect Bluetooth Headphones


      Hi, just wondering if there's a way to allow bluetooth headphones to connect automatically to the Intel 6230 Advanced-N card? I ask this because....


      I just upgraded my Asus G53SW notebook from an Atheros combo card to the Intel 6230 combo card and all works fine except for its seemingly lack of auto-connect functionality for bluetooth headphone devices. My headphones are the Sony DR-BT22's, which used to connect automatically upon simply turning them on when my notebook had the Atheros card. Now, I have to connect them manually all the time by going into the "Bluetooth Devices", then into the "Bluetooth Operations" window and then clicking the 'Listen to Music' link.


      Once they're connected they work fine, but it's just annoying having to do this manually connection all the time, given that they used to connect automatically with the supposedly inferior Atheros card.


      Am I missing something, or does the 6230 card not support this auto-connect feature? Will future drivers support it?


      The weird thing is that my bluetooth Logitech keyboard does connect automatically, so I'm guessing its just the Bluetooth Audio Profile in the Intel driver that doesnt support it.


      btw, I have Windows 7 Home 64-bit and I have the latest 6230 PROSet drivers for both the WIFI (V14.2.0.10) and Bluetooth (V1.1.0).