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    Move SCM from one MFSYS25 to another MFSYS25?


      I have two MFSYS25 chassis. One of them has dual SCM and one just has a single. I'm retiring the chassis that currently has dual SCMs and would like to move one of the SCMs from the retired chassis to the other chassis.


      1) Is there a method to reset the old SCM to a factory default?


      2) Do I need to even bother with doing a factory reset or can I just move the old SCM to the other chassis and not have to worry about it messing up my storage configuration on the other chassis?





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          There is no way to reset the SCM back to factory defaults, but it wouldn't be necessary anyway. The RAID data is stored on the hard drives and on the midplane, not the SCM itself.


          The only thing you have to do, and it is an absolute necessity, is make sure that the firmware version on the first chassis is exactly the same as the firmware on the new chassis.