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    What kind of processeur for gaming servers

      Hi everybody,


      I wanted to set up gaming servers. (hl² engine, orange box).


      I was wondering what kind of CPU should I buy for this king of business.


      Thanks for your help.





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          Christopher Peters

          Volnay, I apologize for the lengthy delay. I tried once a few weeks ago and had some issues with my computer - then got caught in some holiday cheer.


          To answer your question – the CPU you select will depend on your goals and size of gaming server. Recently Turtle Entertainment, host to Europe’s largest online gaming community (Electronic Sports Leagues), chose Intel Xeon processor 7400 based servers to support its 875,000 members.  These large 4S servers feature four, 6-core processors support a large memory footprint and a lot of I/O bandwidth ideal for parallel computing.  Turtle saw the time it tool to load a web page go from 177 milliseconds to 72 milliseconds while saving a boat load of costs with larger servers. You can read about Turtle here http://www.intel.com/references/pdfs/Turtle_Entertainment_V3.pdf


          However, If you are supporting a smaller gaming environment or desire a scale out (vs scale up) server approach, a 2 socket Xeon 5400 series processor with power efficient 45nm quad-core processor technology would be a very good alternative and power a large majority of the world’s high throughput computing and general business computing environments.