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    Horizontal Stretch mode on laptop with Win7


      Hi, I have a Dell Latitude E4310 with Windows 7 Enterprise - 32-bit installed. The graphics card is Intel(R) HD Graphics and the driver version is and bios version is 2080.26. I have dual monitors attached to it via a docking station and both monitors are operational however are working as independent displays. I am trying to find out if there is any way to make both the screens behave as one large monitor instead of two separate monitors?


      I have done this previously on a different system with an ATI Graphics card and this mode is called horizontal stretch or horizontal span where the resolution of the screen is 2048x768 or higher and your windows expands across both monitors when you click on the full screen button on top of the window. I believe this is a function of the graphics driver installed. I have searched however cannot find any details on this. Can someone please confirm if this mode is possible.