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    Running on a degraded HD after breaking RAID 1


      Hi all,


      I joined this forum in hopes of finding some help regarding these somewhat complicated RAID issues. I was asked to help a friend break RAID 1. He had 2 80GB drives and wanted to break it so that he could replace one of the 80GB with a 500GB and possibly have 580GB of total storage. After careful research, I went ahead and removed one of the 80GB drives. This happened to be the drive that was not needed to boot the PC into Windows XP. I then installed a brand new 500GB SATA drive into the empty slot, booted, and am currently formatting it in disk management.


      My question is: is it OK to leave the computer in this configuration? The Intel Matrix Storage Console is saying that the 80GB drive is degraded and can be rebuilt. My friend does not want to rebuild because the total drive space would be 80GB again (since RAID 1 uses the smaller capacity between 80 and 500). I am under the impression that it is not possible to keep the data on this 80GB and reset RAID 1 completely, right? Thus, I am wondering if it is OK just to let the computer run as is, with a degraded 80GB HD and a 500GB drive.


      Thank you for your advice.

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          You can select the remaining 80 GB hard drive that was part of the RAID 1 and set it as a non RAID hard drive through the Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager or Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology Control I option ROM and since this is a RAID 1 or mirror, the data will remain intact on it.


          This information is explained on the following article:




          I suggest you to check on this, and verify if the configuration that you used complies with what is state there. If so, you can proceed and remove the RAID 1.


          As a heads up, the control I option ROM may warn you that the data will be lost, even though it is not, this happens since this is a generic message that will be shown every time that the delete or reset options are selected, this does not change depending on the RAID type used, so it may not apply in all contexts.

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            Thanks so much for replying Diego. I will try this out when I get a chance and post back.


            What is Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology Control I option ROM? Is that another program or do I access that through the Intel Matrix Storage manager program?


            Thank you!!!