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    intel dh67cf dual display issue


      I have the intel dh67cf with an intel core i5 2500k, running windows 7 sp1.  I am also using the latest versions of the bios and intel graphics hd 3000 driver.


      When I try to use the dual display output, I can only receive video through the dvi-d out port.  If I try with the hdmi only, I will receive video during the bios screen/boot, but it loses sigal when it gets to windows.


      I noticed that when I updated the video driver viewing the screen through the dvi-d output, after the driver finished updating, the hdmi output started working as a secondary display.  However, after windows 7 rebooted, hdmi output was lost again.


      Does anyone have any ideas?  I'm guessing it's more of a driver/software issue since after the driver install, dual display worked momentarily.  I am using an hdmi to dvi-d cable for reference if that changes anything.



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          An update to this, tonight I tried a different set of drivers ( ( ), listed on the graphics download page instead of the ones listed on the motherboard page.  The same thing happened.  When I installed the drivers, the Dell1908FP monitor was detected and displayed through the hdmi port.  After a reboot, the monitor is no longer detected once it hits windows.


          A couple notes of interest:

          I tried with a different hdmi cable to a 1080p tv.  I see the windows boot logo and then there's no signal when it hits windows.

          With just the standard display adapter driver, I get a dual (cloned) display from the hdmi out and dvd-d out, but obviously it's not the proper resolution.


          Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm out of ideas at this point.  I'm trying to avoid just buying a video card since that was the point of getting the core i5 2500k in the first place.

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            Hi, sorry I can't help. But because I'm about to buy the same configuration (DH67CFB3 + i5 2500K), I'd be interested in what the solution for that is gonna be. I want to use two monitors (extended desktop) as well. How old is your mainboard? Maybe it's a hardware fault and should rather be exchanged than fixed. Oh, one question please. Do you use the stock or a third party cooler? I ask because I intend to get a cooler with backplate and cause there is a chip on the rear side of the mainbaord, located too close to where the CPU socket is, this mainboard might be incompatible with any other cooler than those low quality ones with push pins. If that's true, that'd be so ridiculous for Intel.


            good luck

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              I use the stock cooler.  I purchased the board within the past week or so (around the beginning of October 2011).  I'm theorizing it's not a hardware fault issue because it will work properly if I reinstall the driver, but not after a reboot, so that leads me to conclude that the hardware is fine but it's a software issue.


              So this isn't so much of an answer but some findings from my experimentation.  I got a hold of 5 different monitors (an apple cinema display dvd-d, dell 19" dvd-d flat panel, samsung 19" dvd-d flat panel, sharp led tv with an hdmi connection, and a 15" vga flat panel.  I also got a series of cables, ranging from hdmi to hdmi, hdmi to dvi-d, dvi-d to dvi-d, dvi-d to vga, etc.


              Ultimately, I could never get the board to output to the sharp LED tv.

              Between the rest of the monitors, some configurations would work while others would not (example, I could get the apple cinema display to work with the vga flat panel, but not with the dell or samsung.)


              This obviously isn't good for an end user who doesn't have 5 monitors to see which magic configuration plays nicely with the board.


              In regards to your backplate question, I saw some other thread(s) about that, but I didn't read them so I'm not sure if they are addressing your question.

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                Hi, I have received the same board two days ago and have the same issue.

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                  Hi gmfargo,


                  My dual monitor configuration is working now.

                  I really don't have a clue why it didn't work in the first place.

                  Here is what I did:


                  Someone suggested to check whether a single monitor would work by just plugging in HDMI and nothing else.

                  I tried and it worked. Picture was a bit cold but sharp & crisp. After that I connected the second monitor to the mainboard via DVI.

                  Oh my god, suddenly I had two monitors working at the same time, one showing the desktop and the other one as extended desktop.

                  Apparently I needed to connect HDMI first and DVI afterwards instead ov the other way around?

                  Not sure, but I'm just glad it's working now. Please try this method as well and let us know if it works for you.